Thursday, April 30, 2009

More comics!

You can't read it because it is blurry, but what is going on here is called "Asshole secretary man at the MCTC counseling office. He is telling me (between LOUD chomps on his bubble gum) "We don' have no openin's -CHOMP CHOMP!- you gon' be waitin' a long time!" I am telling him "Jesus your client-relations rock!"

"No Food; Pen"

The squirrel is staring.I am staring at the squirrel.
This is very blurry, but it is me sitting at a picnic table. There are squirrels sitting there with me and a bunch of pigeons on the ground by us going "cooo cooo cooo." I am baffled by their presence.
(Panel 1)So there are now 3 squirrels glaring at me. I try to think of something that will placate them "um...hmmmm...". They want food, and I don't have any. (Panel 2)"Pen?" No.(Panel 3) "Glasses lense?" No. (Panel 4)"Dr.Pepper Chapstick?" Which elisists "SCREEE!" from them as they dive for it.(Panel 4) I run away in a panic. The bottom of the drawing read "Loring Park Squirrels Are Scary" but that bit was cut off.

That's all for now!

Here is a comic

So yesterday I went to see the new Star Trek movie with Jon. While we waited for the movie to start I showed him some drawings I did and this conversation occurred.
I decided to use this site to post random scribbles and drawings of things that happen to me during the day/week/what have you. Things that are not good enough for eleventy-seventy or that will need to be re-drawn and re-written. Essentially, just random shit. Hope you like it.