Friday, July 31, 2009


My Mom is currently out of town and left me in charge of Little Sister. Let us all question her judgment together in this poorly drawn comic.
Ok, so it was only a $1 Crayola paint kit, but whatever. I bought it and then made this (pics taken with my mobile's camera, so obviously it's poor quality):

This is my Mom!

This is my little sister (left), who is 17, and me (right) who is a late-20's adult!

It goes like this: Little Sister is saying: "Um, please look at what you are leaving in charge of me!"
I am saying: "Hey, come look at this douche-bag's haircut!"
And our MOM is saying "Don't say "Douche-Bag!" but is also thinking "What the #@&* is a "douche-bag?"

So THERE. Pics= Proof! Also, I have been keeping up on my comic-a-day rule, so yay me!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Been a While

...Honestly I have been pretty busy and I get pretty pissed off at Photoshop because I still don't know how to work it properly (and am too impatient to watch a tutorial), so mostly I have been doing paper drawings, with some occasional scribbles on my Wacom.

So here is my promise to you, random person who stumbles upon this page (and Maggie and Jasper, who I know sometimes think to look here): I have started a new comic, which is going to be very rough copies and go in sporadic order until it is finished. I have committed myself to making one comic each day. Sometimes this will be on paper, sometimes it will be on the Wacom. When it is a Wacom drawing, I will post it here. My random scribbles and such will go up here, too. You will get to see some of those now because I did some work on my charecters tonight before I swore profusely and switched to pencil and paper. I know this is not a promise of regular updates, but it is at least something, and let's be honest: no one really looks at this, anyways.

Annnnnywho, I'm out of the city until Sunday, so maybe I will force some work time upon myself, who knows? All I know is no matter what, I'm going to draw one comic a day.

I really wish I had a scanner to post the rough sketch of the comic I made tonight. It really is brilliant.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Drawings

These are on my facebook, too- so sorry if you are my friend on there and wanting to see *new* material. One is a turtle. One is a self-portrait. Guess which is which.