Friday, July 31, 2009


My Mom is currently out of town and left me in charge of Little Sister. Let us all question her judgment together in this poorly drawn comic.
Ok, so it was only a $1 Crayola paint kit, but whatever. I bought it and then made this (pics taken with my mobile's camera, so obviously it's poor quality):

This is my Mom!

This is my little sister (left), who is 17, and me (right) who is a late-20's adult!

It goes like this: Little Sister is saying: "Um, please look at what you are leaving in charge of me!"
I am saying: "Hey, come look at this douche-bag's haircut!"
And our MOM is saying "Don't say "Douche-Bag!" but is also thinking "What the #@&* is a "douche-bag?"

So THERE. Pics= Proof! Also, I have been keeping up on my comic-a-day rule, so yay me!

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